TabazineMedia delivers dynamic magazine experiences for tablets. Our mission is to bridge readers and clients by providing state of the art mobile entertainment.

A tabazine is a dynamic tablet magazine where new content continuously replaces old.

We strive to systematically diagnose and unravel mobile commerce's toughest problems with cutting-edge technology, creative design, and smart business practices. All to drive our clients bottom line while offering great news, entertainment and educational value.

Tabazine has developed the TabzineNewsstand our universe of free tablet magazines: Tabazines. The Newsstand features all the various tabazines available in the Tabazine app. In the Newsstand users are able to browse through our collection of tabazines covering everything from design and food to business and culture. All tabazines are free for users to read and download.

TabazineMedia provides a unique window to easily advertise and sell products through the tabazines available in the Newsstand. We make it straightforward to reach the reader/customer segments that are relevant for the specific business.

Through our CMS platform our clients can easily build and structure their advertising and product selling and tabazines incorporate extensive usage tracking so clients are always updated with the level of perfomance.

The system is also available for end-users who wish to use the TabazineMedia platform to publish their own tabazines.

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