FoodFinder is a sleek mobile guide to restaurants for iPhone, iPad and Andriod devices. The app aims to present a clean, light, and intuitive product that cuts unnecessary time spent ineffectively searching for food establishments. Whether a local or a visitor, there exists a need to be able to easily locate nearby food options or specific dining requirements.

FoodFinder is a simple and efficient means for users to find the restaurant or meal they are seeking.

The product:
  • Provides inspiration for dining out
  • Makes it easier to find the right place to eat, no matter where you are
  • Enables direct mobile table reservations
  • Is free to download for iPhone, iPad and Android

Through GPS tracking, the app provides filtered through 1) Cuisine, 2) Price Range, and / or 3) Atmosphere.

With profile capabilities, users can search, plan, and store restaurant selections in other locations globally (offline), making it perfect for business or personal travels.

FoodFinder squarely situates restaurants exactly where their customers are today – on mobile devices. Restaurants can use FoodFinder's streamlined and user-friendly online platform (CMS) to create, edit, and manage their content, link to external channels, and have an unfiltered channel from restaurant to customer. Through the admin platform, FoodFinder can easily access search data, demographic data, and gain comprehensive insight into what dining trends and restaurants are most popular within a certain geographical region.

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