BrainBattle is an online learning-based social game that revolves around something we all know; the search engines Google and Bing.

We know how powerful games can be and we wish to develop a game that makes learning fun and engaging while it also teaches users/players to use the navigate through the search engines.

At BrainBattle you can play against yourself, your friends, random players or even your co-workers in a closed company mode. BrainBattle asks you questions wher eafter you are taken to the search engine in order to find the right answer using as little time as possible.

A significant part of BrainBattle is its potential as an educational tool for schools, companies and organizations. In fact BrainBattle supports a closed online environment where for example a school can setup its own closed game environment and import questions and categories for the students to compete against each other in a specifically tailored game.

Like-wise organizations can use BrainBattle for educational purposes of public interest such as sexual education and setup certain game environments that institutions easily could tap into.

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