The B'leaf project sends out an eco-friendly message and opens through proactive initiatives new opportunities, to improve the environment around us. Our first design product is an aesthetically beautiful bracelet, and besides being a beautiful piece of jewelry, it is also a symbol of awareness that we all must contribute actively to take care of our planet. For each bracelets sold we plant 61 trees.

Why 61 trees?

Over the years, NASA has taken pictures of the planet's forests and have shared these with ecologists worldwide. Dr. Nalini Nadkarni made in 2008 a study in which she calculated that every person on the planet has 61 trees to take care of, if we are to maintain the life balance on earth. It is a simple number that we can all relate to.

Trees For The Future

We plant trees in partnership with Trees for the Future. Together we choose areas that are located in the third World. In addition to the beneficial effect of absorbing CO2 emissions, planting trees also means a lot to the local community. Trees provide increased flora and fauna, which in return results in positive impact on local business. Trees for the Future has helped thousands of communities in Central America, Africa and Asia to improve their earning capacity and rebuild the environment by planting a total of approx. 70 million trees.

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